Through the use of personalized medicine,
we work with each individual on their prognosis, prevention, and treatment,
providing optimal medical care for each patient.

At the Tokyo Cancer Clinic, we advocate the best treatment for each patient, from the prevention and treatment of cancer to anti-aging therapies, with a focus on regenerative medicine.

For patients who are concerned about their overall health or have individual concerns, we provide treatments that have proven effective, mainly in regenerative medicine, in order to meet the needs of each individual patient.

In order to increase health and longevity, our medical treatments focus on disease prevention, cancer, and anti-aging. These conditions are closely intertwined and everyone could benefit from the diagnostic and therapeutic treatments offered.


Cancer risk increases with age, and in Japan, known for its longevity, it is said that one in two people will get cancer in their lifetime. In the treatment of cancer, we integrate Precision Medicine (individualized medicine) to provide the best care for our patients. In addition to detailed information on patients, such as life stage, lifestyle, philosophy, and combining this with the patient’s detailed diagnostic and genomic information, we are able to advocate the best medical care for each individual patient.
We are proud to introduce our patented technology for cancer immunotherapy that is used in our multivalent Dendritic Cell Vaccine and activated Natural Killer Cell therapy. We have been a driving force in the technological evolution of cellular immunotherapy as well as being a leader in bringing this treatment to a multitude of patients.

Disease Prevention

Liquid biopsy and precision blood tests have made it possible to analyze cancer risk, cancer recurrence, metastasis risk, heart disease risk, dementia risk, etc. from a simple blood test. Using liquid biopsy and various diagnostic methods, if risks are detected, proactive treatment and nutritional guidance including supplements are given from the asymptomatic state, counseling on the improvement of lifestyle habits, and a strategic prevention of illness is provided.


The anti-aging approach at the Tokyo Cancer Clinic is not merely seeking the appearance of youth, but aims at the overall improvement of life: QOL, good health, and “well-aging” based upon healthy longevity and cancer prevention. Together, we will determine the best care for each individual for optimal physical and mental wellbeing in promoting longevity.