Immunogram test

Immunogram test

The immunogram test demonstrates the strength and activity of your immune system at any particular point in time. Through the analysis of 10 types of cytokines, signaling molecules that mediate and regulate immunity, and by monitoring the immune response of T cells, this test can confirm the activity of your immune cells and its ability to attack cancer cells.

By conducting this test before and after immune cell therapy, we can monitor and provide feedback on the treatment’s effects and manage future treatment strategies, using a science based and logical approach.

Cytokines analyzed

  • TNFα (Tumor Necrosis Factor)
  • sCD137 (a tumor necrosis factor receptor)
  • IL-2 (produced by helper T cells and activates killer T cells and NK cells)
  • IL-5 (eosinophil differentiation / growth factors)
  • IFNγ(cell wall injury activity against cancer cells)
  • Perforin (cytotoxic activity against cancer cells)
  • Granzyme A (cytotoxic activity against cancer cells)
  • Granzyme B (cytotoxic activity against cancer cells)
  • IL-10 (cancer immunosuppressive activity)
  • IL-4 (cancer immunosuppressive activity)

Testing procedure

Approximately 7ml of venous blood is collected.
Analysis is conducted in a licensed clinical laboratory. Results are ready in about 3 weeks, and test results are explained by a physician, where the therapeutic effect, prognosis, and future treatment plan can be discussed.