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Patent Granted by Hong Kong

We are very pleased to announce that we acquired a patent in Hong Kong for a series of technology related to the production of dendritic cell vaccines, after Japan, the US, the UK, France, German, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Macao.

Groundbreaking technology has been developed successfully by integrally reviewing the technology of production. One of the most highlighted points is the undifferentiated monocyte growth technology which allows us to produce each vaccine using only 25 ml of venous blood and apheresis (extra-corporeal whole blood component collection) is unnecessary.

This is not our goal, but we will continue to develop the innovative technologies for all patients in the world.

Patent No.: HK1194101
Date of Patent: 2019/09/13
Title: Proliferating Agent for Monocyte, Culture Medium for Proliferating Monocyte, and Method of Producing Monocyte